managed it servicesKnifton Enterprises offers managed IT services scaling from 1 to 1000 users, giving you the flexibility to grow without having to pay to purchase your own IT equipment.At Knifton Enterprises, we understand that managed IT servers can save business owners from a lot of headaches. With our managed services, you can count on reliable IT support for your daily needs, allowing you to focus on your business without being interrupted by technical problems. As a Microsoft Managed Service Provider, Knifton Enterprises has the cutting-edge technology and expertise to deliver a complete information technology solution.

Our managed IT services include:

Government Compliance:

We provide compliant managed services by balancing your risk and ensuring continuity without compromising speed and performance, so you stay out of trouble and on track. Our security, compliance and IT support experts have the knowledge to ensure that your managed IT servers pass every PCI DSS, HIPAA or HITECH audit or assessment.

Server Management:

Knifton Enterprises offers a range of server management and monitoring services. Our IT support experts are working 24/7, proactively identifying issues and foreseeing potential problems, allowing them to keep service interruption as minimal as possible.

Desktop Management:

We deliver the integrated, ongoing desktop management support you need to gain the maximum value from your servers beginning on the day of deployment. Knifton Enterprises has a team of highly trained IT professionals equipped with advanced tools and programs to provide a combination of remote and onsite desktop management support and services. We can take care of your hardware, peripherals, software, and network, while also detecting and resolving potential incidents remotely.

Cloud Management:

Knifton Enterprises also offers end-to-end cloud management and consulting services tailored to your needs. Our experts provide custom setup services and complete server management including upgrades, troubleshooting, maintenance, and custom modifications. Our cloud management IT support also includes operating system update services, streamlined data migration assistance, automated offsite backups, and disaster recovery.

Knifton Enterprises has the technology and the managed IT solutions to allow you to get the support and systems you need. Contact us to learn more about our products and solutions today.